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The Easy Way

The easy way to be fit is to walk a lot.  Technology ruins everything, and we often lose more than we gain when a new device comes out to change the way people carry about their day to day activities.

With the advent of cars, especially where I live, people walk less.  Some people only walk from the door of the house to the car door and back.  It’s not natural to be sedentary.

Instead of taking every convenience possible, do things the hard way. Take the stairs.  Park your car as far as possible from the door, not as close.  Drink water, not soda or juice (I know that’s a tough one).

Walking is natural and easy, and it’s preferable to walk outdoors than on a treadmill.  That is, if you live in a safe neighborhood.  I don’t like to mess around with other forms of cardio, like swimming or cycling.  Sure, it’s fun in the short term, but it doesn’t last for me.  I invariably quit and go back to doing the bare minimum.

Rather than setting your sights too high and falling short, do stuff that’s easy and simple, day in and day out, and in the end you will get more results.

Of course, cardio is not enough.  You need to stretch the body and realign the spine, something I’m working on.  Yoga, Pilates, and Calisthenics are great exercises that require little or no equipment to do.

Yoga really is the fountain of youth, a complete lifestyle for self development and self realization.  Pilates incorporates movement into the poses of yoga, and calisthenics builds functional strength using only bodyweight as resistance.

But beyond external conditioning, the fitness of the physical body, there is internal conditioning.  That type of conditioning lies in the theory of the Oriental Medicine practitioners and their view on chakras and meridians, two structures which are yet to be provable by science.

The real way to be in perfect health and realize the human potential is to keep the flow of Qi/Prana, also called breath, as well as blood in circulation.  Chakra development comes from developing the flow of energy up and down the spine, opening the chakra and realizing the stage of development that comes with each step of the way.

Humans are unique in that they walk upright, with their head in the clouds and their feet on the ground.  Most animals, even primates, walk on all fours.  The real way to open the circulation of energy up and down the spine is to practice yoga and meditation.  For some mysterious reason, the stretching of the body in different poses or asanas lets the prana flow in every direction, and self development ensues, on every level of the human being.

So in summary, walk more, be less sedentary, and educate yourself about exercise that you can do regardless of gym membership or location.  And that would be yoga and calisthenics.  Remember there is more to fitness than how you appear.  When qi and blood are circulating free and uninhibited, the human being can act at their highest level of functioning.



Earth Day Blues

I think it is very important that the earth, and especially environmental issues, get’s a holiday unto itself.  Really, every day is earth day.  The human race cannot neglect the importance of the ecosystem for sustaining us.  If it changed, just slightly, one way or another, it would no longer be hospitable to human life.

And once the land is no longer productive, producing it’s bounty for us to eat and live, then we are doomed.

I reflect on my life on this important holiday, realizing I am not alone as I feel.  Heaven and Earth are still there, and I am one with the whole universe.  In fact, each man is heaven and earth in miniature.

So don’t feel so alone, and don’t be depressed.  Just keep plugging away, day by day, and in the end you will accumulate a great treasure trove of virtue.

The Modern Day Food Dilemma

Let’s face it, most restaurant food in America is not good.  Everything from 711, Dunkin Donuts, and fast food to even formal eateries are lacking.  That is one reason people are in such poor health and succumbing to chronic disease.

However, preparing all your own meals is quite problematic in the real world.  And that is even if you bulk prepare food on the weekend and store it in containers.  The health industry pays no attention to food, and the food industry pays no attention to health.  However, Hippocrates, the father of western medicine thought things should not be that way.  He said, ‘let your medicine be thy food and your food be thy medicine.’  Obviously, something has been lost.

If you are working full time it’s hard to eat right and get enough exercise.  If you work from home, you have more time and more flexibility in preparing your own meals and exercising.

Remember, the restaurant business uses low quality ingredients in order to maximize profit margins, or the difference between what it costs to prepare the product and how much the businessman gets in the end of the line.  Still, time is money and you pay for convenience.

I suggest making nutrition your hobby, since everyone eats and it is a vital subject.  Spend some time reading about nutrition and learning how to cook.  And then set aside some time every day or every week to cook in advance.  You don’t want to go to the grocery store too often, nor do you want to be dependent on restaurants.  The stuff they sell you is merchandise, and often, it’s designed to make you addicted to the product.

There are people in this country who are profiting off your ignorance of nutrition, just like on the flip side, buying the right products in the right places motivates the economy to change favorably.  You vote with your dollar bill.

All this diet and exercise information takes some discipline to apply, but that is the cost of doing the right thing, life isn’t a constant party.

Longevity is Merit

Just like the early generations of the bible could live hundreds of years and beget dozens of children, real men of integrity endure long on the earth and live to see the third generation.

Longevity is merit, because righteousness saves from death.  The generations before Abraham were not Jews, since Abraham was the first Jew, they were more like aborigines, interacting with Jah directly.

Why am I discussing biblical evidence in a fitness and nutrition blog?  Because health, longevity, and dietetic practices for keeping oneself clean and alive originate in the Bible.  You just have to really understand what is written and what is not written to really get it.

In nature, it’s survival of the fittest.  But Man exists separate from nature because we are the apex of guided evolution, and God’s greatest design.  Man has in subjugation all the living creatures of the earth and sea.  This is the real justification for eating meat, every plant and animal is for man’s use, whether they be for food, medicine, poison, work, or as a pet.  We are not just another species of ape fighting for survival, had that been the case, we would have went extinct a long time ago.

The real way to longevity is to do the right thing and keep living.  Karma has it that whatever you do will come back to you.  Even in business, the good businessman serves the communal good.

A man’s lifespan should be 120 years, but most fall short of this ideal.  The way to live is to live clean, eat clean, and stay clean.  I know we are all imperfect and deeply flawed, but we must constantly struggle for rectitude in a world that is far from fair.


Easy Does It

I am excited to begin this new blog with my first post.  In this post, I will give you an insight into how I am doing with my own health and fitness, and my personal journey to health and stability in summary.

First of all, I myself struggle with certain health issues, which I do not exactly make secret.  You see, the Jungian archetype of the wounded healer is the human being who gets sick in their youth, suffers for a while, learns the mechanism of both disease and recovery, and then puts the knowledge into practice and heals himself and others.

The first thing to change when improving your life is nutrition.  Diet and Exercise count for a lot, and the first step should be to eat less refined sugar and starch.  When very overweight or obese, the low carb diet moves you in the right direction towards healthy eating.  Just eat protein, whether from animal or plant sources, low starch vegetables, and healthy fat.  Every bodyweight athlete knows this is how you ‘cut’ weight in the short term.

When your weight and bodyfat composition is more stable, add good carbohydrates back to the diet, such as whole grains and fruit.  Don’t pursue fad diets, it leads nowhere good.

When it comes to exercise, the basics is stretching and cardio.  Stretching, such as yogic poses, are simple and require no equipment to do.  Cardiovascular exercise involves getting the heart pumping and the lungs pushing water out of your pores.  Twenty minutes of cardio a day sounds like a doable, yet very rewarding practice.

In regards to mental health, first remember to sleep enough during the night, not eat refined sugars which spike the blood sugar, keep an easy going attitude, and manage your stress levels and emotional self-regulation.

There’s more to it than just that, but already I’ve given you, my reader, a few points to begin your journey to turning your life around.  Hope that helps.