Easy Does It

I am excited to begin this new blog with my first post.  In this post, I will give you an insight into how I am doing with my own health and fitness, and my personal journey to health and stability in summary.

First of all, I myself struggle with certain health issues, which I do not exactly make secret.  You see, the Jungian archetype of the wounded healer is the human being who gets sick in their youth, suffers for a while, learns the mechanism of both disease and recovery, and then puts the knowledge into practice and heals himself and others.

The first thing to change when improving your life is nutrition.  Diet and Exercise count for a lot, and the first step should be to eat less refined sugar and starch.  When very overweight or obese, the low carb diet moves you in the right direction towards healthy eating.  Just eat protein, whether from animal or plant sources, low starch vegetables, and healthy fat.  Every bodyweight athlete knows this is how you ‘cut’ weight in the short term.

When your weight and bodyfat composition is more stable, add good carbohydrates back to the diet, such as whole grains and fruit.  Don’t pursue fad diets, it leads nowhere good.

When it comes to exercise, the basics is stretching and cardio.  Stretching, such as yogic poses, are simple and require no equipment to do.  Cardiovascular exercise involves getting the heart pumping and the lungs pushing water out of your pores.  Twenty minutes of cardio a day sounds like a doable, yet very rewarding practice.

In regards to mental health, first remember to sleep enough during the night, not eat refined sugars which spike the blood sugar, keep an easy going attitude, and manage your stress levels and emotional self-regulation.

There’s more to it than just that, but already I’ve given you, my reader, a few points to begin your journey to turning your life around.  Hope that helps.


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