The Modern Day Food Dilemma

Let’s face it, most restaurant food in America is not good.  Everything from 711, Dunkin Donuts, and fast food to even formal eateries are lacking.  That is one reason people are in such poor health and succumbing to chronic disease.

However, preparing all your own meals is quite problematic in the real world.  And that is even if you bulk prepare food on the weekend and store it in containers.  The health industry pays no attention to food, and the food industry pays no attention to health.  However, Hippocrates, the father of western medicine thought things should not be that way.  He said, ‘let your medicine be thy food and your food be thy medicine.’  Obviously, something has been lost.

If you are working full time it’s hard to eat right and get enough exercise.  If you work from home, you have more time and more flexibility in preparing your own meals and exercising.

Remember, the restaurant business uses low quality ingredients in order to maximize profit margins, or the difference between what it costs to prepare the product and how much the businessman gets in the end of the line.  Still, time is money and you pay for convenience.

I suggest making nutrition your hobby, since everyone eats and it is a vital subject.  Spend some time reading about nutrition and learning how to cook.  And then set aside some time every day or every week to cook in advance.  You don’t want to go to the grocery store too often, nor do you want to be dependent on restaurants.  The stuff they sell you is merchandise, and often, it’s designed to make you addicted to the product.

There are people in this country who are profiting off your ignorance of nutrition, just like on the flip side, buying the right products in the right places motivates the economy to change favorably.  You vote with your dollar bill.

All this diet and exercise information takes some discipline to apply, but that is the cost of doing the right thing, life isn’t a constant party.


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