Earth Day Blues

I think it is very important that the earth, and especially environmental issues, get’s a holiday unto itself.  Really, every day is earth day.  The human race cannot neglect the importance of the ecosystem for sustaining us.  If it changed, just slightly, one way or another, it would no longer be hospitable to human life.

And once the land is no longer productive, producing it’s bounty for us to eat and live, then we are doomed.

I reflect on my life on this important holiday, realizing I am not alone as I feel.  Heaven and Earth are still there, and I am one with the whole universe.  In fact, each man is heaven and earth in miniature.

So don’t feel so alone, and don’t be depressed.  Just keep plugging away, day by day, and in the end you will accumulate a great treasure trove of virtue.


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