The Easy Way

The easy way to be fit is to walk a lot.  Technology ruins everything, and we often lose more than we gain when a new device comes out to change the way people carry about their day to day activities.

With the advent of cars, especially where I live, people walk less.  Some people only walk from the door of the house to the car door and back.  It’s not natural to be sedentary.

Instead of taking every convenience possible, do things the hard way. Take the stairs.  Park your car as far as possible from the door, not as close.  Drink water, not soda or juice (I know that’s a tough one).

Walking is natural and easy, and it’s preferable to walk outdoors than on a treadmill.  That is, if you live in a safe neighborhood.  I don’t like to mess around with other forms of cardio, like swimming or cycling.  Sure, it’s fun in the short term, but it doesn’t last for me.  I invariably quit and go back to doing the bare minimum.

Rather than setting your sights too high and falling short, do stuff that’s easy and simple, day in and day out, and in the end you will get more results.

Of course, cardio is not enough.  You need to stretch the body and realign the spine, something I’m working on.  Yoga, Pilates, and Calisthenics are great exercises that require little or no equipment to do.

Yoga really is the fountain of youth, a complete lifestyle for self development and self realization.  Pilates incorporates movement into the poses of yoga, and calisthenics builds functional strength using only bodyweight as resistance.

But beyond external conditioning, the fitness of the physical body, there is internal conditioning.  That type of conditioning lies in the theory of the Oriental Medicine practitioners and their view on chakras and meridians, two structures which are yet to be provable by science.

The real way to be in perfect health and realize the human potential is to keep the flow of Qi/Prana, also called breath, as well as blood in circulation.  Chakra development comes from developing the flow of energy up and down the spine, opening the chakra and realizing the stage of development that comes with each step of the way.

Humans are unique in that they walk upright, with their head in the clouds and their feet on the ground.  Most animals, even primates, walk on all fours.  The real way to open the circulation of energy up and down the spine is to practice yoga and meditation.  For some mysterious reason, the stretching of the body in different poses or asanas lets the prana flow in every direction, and self development ensues, on every level of the human being.

So in summary, walk more, be less sedentary, and educate yourself about exercise that you can do regardless of gym membership or location.  And that would be yoga and calisthenics.  Remember there is more to fitness than how you appear.  When qi and blood are circulating free and uninhibited, the human being can act at their highest level of functioning.



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