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Dieting is not enough!

I’m giving away free health advice because I hope someone out there will listen to me and apply the knowledge.  I’m sure there is someone sympathetic out there.

In losing weight and turning your life around, just dieting is not enough.  Diet is 80% of it, and exercise is 20% of it, but if you only diet and don’t exercise, you will hit a plateau.

First, eat less sugar, starch, and salt.  But after a while you will feel more energetic, so go out and walk a little bit.  But remember, strength training is more important to the way you look and feel than cardio, although both are essential to be fit.

I think good old fashioned weightlifting is still the best way to improve your strength and vitality.  And with cardio, just move around more like walking or jogging around the neighborhood.

I think the whole diet and exercise journey is very unique to each individual, but for sure the best foods to choose from are protein and vegetables and low sugar fruit, and the worst foods are dairy and grains.  But there are exceptions…

But the theme of this post is that you need to exercise as well as eat right if you want to recover, and there’s no way around strength training and cardio.  You can’t reinvent the wheel.


Heal Your Brain…with Fat!

There’s more to dieting, losing weight, and feeling better than just eating less carbohydrate.  If you’re having trouble losing weight on a low carb diet, eat less protein and more fat.  The point is to stop being a sugar fueled metabolism and start being a fat burning metabolism.

The low carb, high fat diet is not just good for weight loss and it’s not just the most natural diet.  It also heals the brain.  While our brain runs on glucose, it is mostly comprised of fat.  In fact, every cell membrane in your body is comprised of fat.  Fat and water don’t mix, which is why we are solid and not blobs of goo on the floor.

In changing your life and turning your life around, don’t overdo the protein.  Like I always say, the best foods are protein, vegetables, and healthy fats.  The low fat, low cholesterol craze of the 1980s resulted in a lot of misinformation amongst the American populace.

The fat you eat and the fat on your body are not the same thing.  The fat you eat is a good fuel source, and the fat on your body is largely comprised of stored sugar.  There’s a big world of difference between good, high quality fat and low quality trans and saturated fat.  Just eat more home cooked food and less in restaurants and you will be living a better quality of life.  When you make food yourself, you know everything that is going into it.

Don’t give into the convenience of restaurant-merchandise.  It’s designed to make you addicted, and the low quality of the cooking fat is what makes it extremely heinous, if they were using coconut oil and ghee, the food wouldn’t be so bad.  But some people profit off your lack of knowledge of nutrition, and the restaurant business wants you to be addicted to their product.  It’s largely an unwholesome environment, but if you are educated, you can make the right decisions.

Eating a lot of high quality fat is a step in the right direction, and in the absence of carbohydrate, your body lives off of ketone bodies instead of glucose.  This is the caveman state of health, when sugar and starch was scarce, and feast or famine a real concern.  A constant abundance of sugar is the real artificiality of modern times, and what is feeding your disease rather than your recovery.