The Illuminati, and their quest to kill you…

Now, before you dismiss me as a quack and a fake and someone suffering from paranoia, hear me out.

There are actual people in the government, and other sectors, such as the food industry and the health industry, which actually profit from you being ignorant of real food and suffering from chronic disease.

Wether they literally worship the devil in order to attain worldly success might just be a myth, or it may not.  But definitely, someone rewrote the nutrition books 50 years ago, and it has had a devastating effect on the health of the average American.

First of all, you can’t outdo nature.  The best foods are whole and unprocessed.

Secondly, most fats are good for you, as long as they are not refined, processed, or heated up past a certain point.

Thirdly, dairy and grain is baby food, which has its use in feeding babies, but is of limited nutritional value.  Of course there are fillers like brown rice and quinoa which have a lot of fiber and protein and nutritional value, but essentially, grain is man made filler.  It is hybridized from earlier crops to be a cheap way to fill empty stomachs.

Fourthly, the word ‘protein’ means ‘of primary importance’ in latin, because it is the most valuable nutrient, and the food industry knows this, so they charge you way too much for every type of protein food.

Fifthly, a vegan, high carb low fat diet is not for everyone.  Of course, but not so obviously, fiber is the most important nutrient, but it has no use to the human body.  This is a riddle of nature.  The best sources of fiber are whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.  Animal foods provide no fiber.

And lastly, man is not a frugivore or an herbivore any longer.  Ask a rabbi or ask a scientist, and they will both tell you that man began eating fruit and seed, but later added starches and animal protein to his diet.  This is reality.

So whatever diet or fad diet you choose to pursue, remember, protein and fiber is the good part of the food, and sugar, salt, and unnatural fats are the bad part.  It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what is good for you.

Some people want you to be sick, to be addicted to bad expensive food, to go to health care centers and get unnecessary surgeries and pharmaceuticals, and generally to die.  But I don’t want you to die.  I want there to be a fair playing field, where everyone is empowered by knowledge, and in the end, may the best man win.


4 thoughts on “The Illuminati, and their quest to kill you…

      1. American society is a class war, no doubt about that, and while it makes you unpopular to say it out loud, some people really do delight in the suffering of others.

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