The Relative Merits and Demerit of the Atkins Diet

To begin with, this article is only my opinion based on experience, observations, and intuitions.  You should do the diet that works for you.

There are many good things about the Atkins diet, and there are many flaws to it too.

One good thing about it is that the fundamental principles of it work.  Any diet should be high protein, high fiber, and low in refined sugar and starch.  Protein and Fiber are the two most important nutrients beside water, and refined sugar is the culprit in American obesity rates skyrocketing.  Just note that it is possible to be fat but fit.

But a low to no carb diet is not healthy in the long run.  The Atkins diet should be prescribed in cases of severe obesity or in the diabetic population.  There’s no reason for a fit active person to restrict all carbohydrate sources.  It takes it’s toll on the kidneys and liver, and not all low carb food is good for you.

The Atkins diet is not a free pass to eat all the bacon and high fat cheeses you want.  The main thing should be low starch vegetables as well as some lean protein.  I recommend for overweight people to eat low carb initially, and then add some whole grains such as brown rice and low sugar fruits such as apples and berries back to your diet when your weight returns to a normal level.

People should be aware that there are protein sources in both the plant and animal kingdoms, and that you should use both readily.  Beans and seeds are good sources of plant protein to begin with, and fish, seafood, and eggs are very positive proteins in the animal kingdom.

Also, remember that dieting is not a religion.  You can cheat here and there.  In fact, you have to cheat to keep winning on your diet.  Even a vegetarian can indulge in a chicken salad from time to time, just like an atkins dieter can eat a sweet potato.

If you eat lots of vegetables, lean protein, high quality fats, and some fruit and grain for fiber, you’re probably doing ok.




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