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The Deal With Dairy

Most dairy products are terrible foods that are awful for your health.  When I was in Chinese Medicine school, the one thing they kept harping on was dairy is unnatural and bad for you.

Eating dairy on a regular, lifetime basis actually shortens your life and weakens your bones.  That being said, there are exceptions and limitations to this statement.

Butter is the best dairy product because it contains no milk sugar (lactose) which is not amiable to most people’s digestive system, and no milk protein, which is highly allergenic and the root cause of many autoimmune diseases.

Butter or Ghee are ideal cooking fats, so don’t throw away all dairy products.  But remember, buying dairy directly feeds the veal calf industry.  Young calves are ripped away from their mothers when they are still babes, a terribly traumatic act.  The mother becomes a milk cow and the baby becomes you’re next order of veal after a torturous existence.

Cheese and Yogurt is healthier than milk, but even these foods should be seen as drugs, not foods, and should be used in moderation, not on a daily basis.  Believe me, this insight is a lifesaver.

So my suggestion to you is to get off the cow’s udder and get protein and calcium from other sources.


Stuck In The Middle With You

I don’t really know how to define my diet and lifestyle.  I guess it doesn’t matter, what is in a name anyway.  I’m not quite vegan or vegetarian, yet i eat mostly beans and vegetables.  And I watch my sugar and starch intake, so you could say I am a low carb dieter.

I don’t think anyone should really define their way of life.  It is isn’t completely accurate, and it isn’t completely fair.  I get a lot of protein from fish and eggs, but I do resort to eating meat every now and then.

This way of eating is traditional, hailing back to a time when food was scarce and people had to eat healthy and in minimal fashion.  People, just like any other species, are opportunists.  A cow might eat ants at some times, and thus not be completely herbivorous, and a dog can easily get by on vegetarian fare.  Some animals, like cats, truly are predators and must eat animal food, but that is not the case with humans.

Humans evolved past the primate phase of being frugivores and now are built for an omnivore diet.  At least three quarters plant food to at most one quarter animal food is optimal for human health.

Don’t bore people with your diet and what you eat and don’t eat.  Nobody is interested but the individual who is speaking about himself.  Just educate yourself about nutrition, and make wise choices most days and most times.

The one thing to remember when selecting good food is to choose as little processing as possible.  Natural, wholesome, originally intact food is best, not something that comes from a factory.

That is all for now.


And now for an essay on the connection between what you believe and what you eat.  You knew it was coming.

All living beings have sentience.  That means, all beings are alike in that they are aware of themselves, feel pleasure and pain, and have feelings.  Even plants and mushrooms are alive, although their central nervous system is much simpler than ours, and dislike dying.

The answer is not to be a breatharian, living off the dew on the trees.  That’s just not right.  One of the Buddha’s precepts was to not kill or cause others to kill.  So this insinuates that a lacto vegetarian diet is best.  And that’s what I’m gonna do.

Meat from any animal or fish is procured from violence.  While early in human evolution, as man left Africa, people began to rely on hunting as a means of survival during the winter months when nothing grew.  However, these days are different.  You can get any food you want at any time of the year at the supermarket.  That is true for most of America.

Even the cultivation of eggs and dairy have become violent, crude, senseless exploitation of the animal kingdom.  That doesn’t mean everyone should be vegan and live off of beans and rice.

Since science has proven that the lacto ovo vegetarian diet is best for human health, and sugar restriction is the best way to reduce weight, I suggest aspiring to be as close to this diet as possible.

Remember, protein and fiber are the two most essential nutrients, and sugar and starch is the real culprit in weight gain and excessive calorie consumption.

Diet is not religion, there’s no need to be strict.  Religion and dogma is a hoax anyway, but that’s the subject of a different essay.  But a sensible vegetarian diet with eggs and cheese and yogurt and butter from healthy happy animals is best.  Indulging in fish or any other flesh food won’t make you a bad person or a bad vegetarian.  Meat doesn’t harm the body and it’s not why people are so fat in this country.

So don’t be a strict vegetarian, be a liberal vegetarian.  Or better yet, be a flexetarian.  Do what’s best and most practical for yourself first, then for the animals and others and so on.

Just remember before you down your next baconburger that a pig and a cow had to be slaughtered for your meal.  That fact should make you consider the animal kingdom with great reverence.  Each and every animal has feelings and doesn’t want to die.  When you consume meat, which is muscle tissue, you also consume the fear of death that the animal felt when being slaughtered.  And that causes stress and anxiety.

Writing this essay doesn’t mean I dont want to eat fish or shrimp anymore, I’m sure I will indulge myself at some time soon.  But the point is, I realize that death creates death and life breeds life.

So in conclusion of this essay, lacto ovo vegetarian has been proven to be the best diet.  Yogis have known that for thousands of years.  The best way to live is to be practical, sensible, and compassionate.  I suggest eating in a way that is good for you and others too.  And that includes the animal kingdom, all of which have feelings too.

Real Food

There’s a big difference between real food and fake food.  Real food has the natural texture and consistency of plants and animals and whatever else of where it came from.  As you progress on the Atkins diet, and it doesn’t matter where you get your protein, you start to enjoy the texture of real food.

Vegetables are by far the best foods.  Fruits and Whole Grains, while being somewhat natural (in fact they are highly hybridized to be starchier) are still sugars.  Vegetables are high in fiber, water, vitamins, and minerals.  So eat them.

Things that ate and processed vegetables are also good, like eggs and yogurt and honey.  Remember greens over grains.

In one of the classics of Chinese Medicine, it says, ‘of the five grains, the bean is the most nutritious’.  We all know today that a bean is not a grain, but this statement says something profound.  Beans can replace grain in your diet, they can even replace meat!  Beans and lentils are an excellent source of protein and fiber as well as other nutrients.  What was once considered plebian food is now a nutritional powerhouse and you should eat more of them, if you have any sense.

There’s nothing wrong with eating meat from time to time, just remember, animals that ate greens not grains are healthier, so get your animal food from healthy animals.  Even if you endulge in corn fed beef or chicken in a restaurant its not the end of the world.

Just remember to eat your vegetables and enough protein to fill you up and give you power.  And whatever you do, don’t be a raw foods vegan.  That diet can’t work in the real world, it’s too impractical and by nature incomplete.  Fads come and go.

It’s been proven by studying the diets of seventh day adventists and mormons that lacto ovo vegetarianism is the best diet as compared to the SAD or standard American diet.  Of course, yogis have known this for thousands of years, but I guess you needed science to tell you it now.

Whatever you do, do it with enthusiasm.  I know what I am going to do, and the real sage leads by example.  I’ve decided a sugar restricted mostly plant based diet is best for me.