Stuck In The Middle With You

I don’t really know how to define my diet and lifestyle.  I guess it doesn’t matter, what is in a name anyway.  I’m not quite vegan or vegetarian, yet i eat mostly beans and vegetables.  And I watch my sugar and starch intake, so you could say I am a low carb dieter.

I don’t think anyone should really define their way of life.  It is isn’t completely accurate, and it isn’t completely fair.  I get a lot of protein from fish and eggs, but I do resort to eating meat every now and then.

This way of eating is traditional, hailing back to a time when food was scarce and people had to eat healthy and in minimal fashion.  People, just like any other species, are opportunists.  A cow might eat ants at some times, and thus not be completely herbivorous, and a dog can easily get by on vegetarian fare.  Some animals, like cats, truly are predators and must eat animal food, but that is not the case with humans.

Humans evolved past the primate phase of being frugivores and now are built for an omnivore diet.  At least three quarters plant food to at most one quarter animal food is optimal for human health.

Don’t bore people with your diet and what you eat and don’t eat.  Nobody is interested but the individual who is speaking about himself.  Just educate yourself about nutrition, and make wise choices most days and most times.

The one thing to remember when selecting good food is to choose as little processing as possible.  Natural, wholesome, originally intact food is best, not something that comes from a factory.

That is all for now.


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