The Deal With Dairy

Most dairy products are terrible foods that are awful for your health.  When I was in Chinese Medicine school, the one thing they kept harping on was dairy is unnatural and bad for you.

Eating dairy on a regular, lifetime basis actually shortens your life and weakens your bones.  That being said, there are exceptions and limitations to this statement.

Butter is the best dairy product because it contains no milk sugar (lactose) which is not amiable to most people’s digestive system, and no milk protein, which is highly allergenic and the root cause of many autoimmune diseases.

Butter or Ghee are ideal cooking fats, so don’t throw away all dairy products.  But remember, buying dairy directly feeds the veal calf industry.  Young calves are ripped away from their mothers when they are still babes, a terribly traumatic act.  The mother becomes a milk cow and the baby becomes you’re next order of veal after a torturous existence.

Cheese and Yogurt is healthier than milk, but even these foods should be seen as drugs, not foods, and should be used in moderation, not on a daily basis.  Believe me, this insight is a lifesaver.

So my suggestion to you is to get off the cow’s udder and get protein and calcium from other sources.


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