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Update on my own progress

I thought of editing my old essays on this blog, but instead I will opt to update people on what I am doing in my health and wellness journey in a new post.

I am no longer on the Atkins diet, nor am I a raw foods vegan.  I am primarily a lacto ovo vegetarian, and although the scale hasn’t changed in years, I look and feel so much better than before.

I shifted the emphasis in my diet from protein and vegetables cooked in butter to rice and fruit and beans/lentils, and I find this type of high fiber diet with a lower protein intake is better.  You should do what is best for your metabolism, but I always wanted to be a vegetarian, in the yogic tradition, and now I am.

I’m also exercising, doing what I enjoy not what other people tell me to do.  In general, I am realizing time is of the essence, and life is about joy, not duty.  You still have to grind to make a living and live on a budget.

My wish is that each individual finds his own way to health and prosperity.


Taoist Medicine: It’s not a religion.

I want to write a brief philosophical post on my fitness blog in order to clarify what is really right and what is really wrong.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, aka Taoist Medicine, is not a religion.  It doesn’t talk about an afterlife, a father-like Godfigure who is the epitome of good, nor does it talk about an evil soul ghoul who is the epitome of evil.

Taoist Medicine is a lifestyle.  It doesn’t promise you paradise or a messiah, but it does promise you a longer life with less pain and illness.  And really, isn’t that enough?

I learned in Chinese medicine school that the chi, or breath of life, in you is neutral, you can use it any way you like.  The original Taoist philosophy is based on the works of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu.  Tao is the religion of no religion, and Taoist Medicine is about not getting sick in the first place.

That is what I am striving for with this blog.  Giving away free health advice because we are all entitled to longevity and health, it is our inborn right.

Western Medicine is effective, but not safe.  Eastern medicine is safe, but less effective.  As the old cliche goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  By learning the Taoist Medicine lifestyle, you can learn to live a better life, suffer less, and spot the disease process before it happens, so you can retract from doing what is harmful.

A Balanced Diet is Best

I’ve come to the conclusion that all these fad diets are bologna.  Even diets effective in the short term, like the Atkins Diet or Paleo, are just quick fixes with temporary results.  The western man didn’t need the concept of dieting two hundred years ago, because only the nobility could afford to eat fancy food and be fat.

While athletes in sports that are based on weight use carbohydrate restricted diets to get in shape in the short term, the best diet is a balanced one from unprocessed foods.  Protein and vegetables won’t get you through life without any problems.  Sooner or later your kidneys and liver will give out from excess nitrogen in the blood, and you won’t feel as happy and energetic.

A human being needs whole grain and fruit to to really be balanced, as well as high quality fats from things like seeds and nuts.  The only foods one should keep an eye out for are dairy and gluten, and even that law can be violated from time to time.

There’s a big difference between good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates.  Good carbs come from foods that have fiber in them as well, which mitigates the glycemic load on the glucose levels in the bloodstream.

Brown Rice, fresh fruits, and low starch vegetables have tons of fiber in them and don’t cause an insulin reaction.  Glucose is blood sugar and the fuel of the human body.  It’s not really wise to go into ketosis and burn away your fat stores, your brain might get deranged in the process of dieting.

Your size and appearance mean nothing, and neither does the number on the scale.  Your health is determined by how you feel, how you function, and how long you last.  Don’t be fooled by the propogandist media and their henchman, the medical establishment.

Protein should always be as lean as possible, and chicken breast and hard boiled eggs are some of the best.  There’s also vegetarian protein, like beans and lentils, which have both protein and fiber in them, which makes them a nutritional powerhouse.  Protein and Fiber are the two most important nutrients and what you should seek out when choosing good food.

My point in this essay is that there’s no magic bullet to being fit and healthy, and there’s no one common enemy you can blame all your problems on.  If you want to be fit and healthy, eat a well balanced diet and walk a lot.

It also doesn’t hurt to get into yoga or recreational sports.