Update on my own progress

I thought of editing my old essays on this blog, but instead I will opt to update people on what I am doing in my health and wellness journey in a new post.

I am no longer on the Atkins diet, nor am I a raw foods vegan.  I am primarily a lacto ovo vegetarian, and although the scale hasn’t changed in years, I look and feel so much better than before.

I shifted the emphasis in my diet from protein and vegetables cooked in butter to rice and fruit and beans/lentils, and I find this type of high fiber diet with a lower protein intake is better.  You should do what is best for your metabolism, but I always wanted to be a vegetarian, in the yogic tradition, and now I am.

I’m also exercising, doing what I enjoy not what other people tell me to do.  In general, I am realizing time is of the essence, and life is about joy, not duty.  You still have to grind to make a living and live on a budget.

My wish is that each individual finds his own way to health and prosperity.


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