Making Progress

I find that the closer you get to a plant based diet, the better off you are.  Most of what I’ve been eating lately has been soups of various kinds, beans, lentils, vegetables cooked in butter, and hard boiled eggs.

The weight on the scale is gradually reducing, and I feel less hungry and less bound by the desire for food.  Since my last update, I’ve been eating more protein in the form of eggs and beans/lentils, and less sugar, from favorite foods such as fruits and rice.  The one common thing to all diets is vegetables, man’s choicest foodstuff.

I eat sushi from time to time, and I might even crack open a can of tuna, but this isn’t my usual fair, and the taste of animal flesh is getting a little bit stale.

I look around me and see I am in remarkable health and longevity as compared to the ordinary human being, and without sounding conceited, my face glows with the light of attainment.  I really think other people are missing out on the real meaning of life, and instead are spending too much time working and taking care of their children.

While I may not have a lot of money, and I dress in simple clothes and drive an economy sedan, I have an inner sense of contentment that is better than millions in the bank.  It’s a shame to die at 70 or 80 without having spent most of your time in leisure and tranquility.

Free time is the biggest commodity there is, and I have tons of it.  I like to write, and record my blues guitar music, cook great vegetarian food, and sometimes I even exercise!

Meditation is very important, I suggest everyone start doing it.  It really helps you focus on what is real and gives you confidence to live your life.  Meditation is the stepping stone to the rest of your life, and that is what it is doing for me.



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