Departing from Vegetarianism

The thing I noticed about high protein, low sugar diets is that they work.  There’s no underestimating the effects of sugar restriction on your bodyweight, it actually works.  I guess high fiber, high starch diets are eaten in third world countries by necessity, not by choice.

While animal agriculture is ruining the environment, the underlying truth is that overpopulation is ruining the human race’s lifestyle, and all people basically need the same things.  I don’t suggest the entire human population become vegan, it’s just not natural, and it’s probably not sustainable.

The answer to the protein dilemma is variety.  Don’t get all your protein from one food source all the time.  Nobody in the western world (this may be a blanket statement) is suffering from protein deficiency.  It is probably the most overconsumed nutrient next to sugar.

There’s no reason for the western man to be vegetarian or vegan unless he is Buddhist, and is against killing.  I find myself being practical and utilitarian in that I choose the soup that I like based on what is available, not by some pretentious ideal.

Eat what is natural, simple, and easy based on the circumstances.  It is only in a world ruled by the media that people don’t know the basics.  Obesity is a crime upon yourself, and you have your own self to blame.  Don’t blame genetics or the authorities.

But the answer to killing or not killing animals is do what though will.  We’re not the only species that eats both plants and animals, so don’t take sides.  Obviously a diet of hot dogs and hamburgers will lead to diseases both mental and physical, but the real trick to being sane and healthy is moderation.  And this is a discipline that can be learned, but cannot be taught.



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