Karma, and how it applies to health.

Karma literally means action, but has deeper connotations.  Karma means every action you take accumulates somewhere and will come back to you.  This obviously applies to health and fitness as every rep counts in changing the way your body looks and feels, and everything you eat or drink has an effect on your longterm health.

Think of how you will be in ten or twenty years.  Your body will have replaced all it’s cells with the building blocks of life from the food you consume over the years.  Slowly, insidiously, you become what you have eaten, but also, what you have thought and said and done.  If you stop and think and become more mindful, you might consider taking different actions now that will have different consequences in the future.

One donut or coca cola wont kill you, but think of the gradual effect it has on your body after years of daily consumption.  Just like money, food comes and goes, and your body does its best to extract nutrition from what is in your intestines.  Put natural plant and animal foods there, and everything will run smoothly, and you will age gracefully.

But bombard your own digestive system with junk food, or empty carbs, or dull, rotten food, or even overly salty and spiced food, and you will be sowing the seeds of misery for the future.  Remember, the human body doesn’t come with an instruction manual, and most people treat themselves very poorly.

I know life is a free for all after high school, but really there is a reward for doing the right thing.  You suffer less in the end.


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