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The Healing Power….of animal foods?

We all should know that every natural, unprocessed plant food has healing power, even sucrose (white sugar).  But did you know that not all animal foods are bad?  In fact, some are even healthy and good for you, and this is a big argument against veganism.

For starters, the hard boiled egg is a powerhouse of nutrition, and people should eat both the white and the yolk if they want to be healthy.  The white contains most of the protein, but the yolk contains most of the fat, which happens to be good fat.  Egg yolks support healthy cholesterol production by the liver, which is needed for every cell membrane in your body.

Fish and seafood is another biggie.  As long as its wild caught and not farm raised, the fattier the fish the better it is for you, the complete opposite of land animals, where one should only choose the lean cuts.  Fish oil is a medicine, a medicine I take since it is anti-inflammatory, but the easiest way to get fish fat is to eat a fatty fish.

Also, not all dairy products are garbage.  Butter and Ghee make fine cooking fats as an occasional alternative to olive oil and coconut oil (which is plantbased saturated fat).  Also, yogurt can be tolerated by many because most of the sugar has been digested away by the fermenting bacteria.  It is also probiotic.

Even lean chicken and beef isn’t so heinous.  Get lean meat from healthy animals, not tortured factory farmed animals.  I read in a taoist nutrition book that beef is warm and tonifying, and strengthens the loin and increases sperm count.  It is definitely a high testoterone food.

Honey is the best animal food, and perhaps, the best food in general.  While technically not meat, dairy, or egg, it is the mana that the queen bee eats and thus lives ten times longer than her drones.  Instead of worrying about cruelty to bees, one should aspire to create as many bee colonies as possible, as they pollinate most of our food crops naturally.

So don’t be convinced that all animal food is bad, there are empirically proven health benefits to eating certain lean, unprocessed animal foods.  Being vegan is a lifestyle choice, but then again, so is being a compassionate omnivore.


The least you can do…

To improve your health and turn your life around, is to stop eating so much dairy and gluten.  That stuff is almost poisonous.

This minor adjustment, and perhaps to some it’s not so minor, can make a remarkable impact on your health and strength.  Dairy refers to any cow milk product and gluten to any wheat product.

While wheat is a somewhat natural crop, it is still not the most advantageous food in the human diet.  Even whole wheat bread and pasta, let alone cookies and cakes, contains gluten, the protein found in wheat.  It is very allergenic and also the wheat crop itself absorbs a lot more toxins from the soil than other cereals and things eaten for starch.

And now onto dairy.  You drank your mother’s breast milk when you were a baby.  You’re not a kid anymore, and you have no need for the breast milk of a different species.  In China, if a farmer has a cow, he gives his cow soybeans to make her more productive.  That is a good source of useful calcium, the soybean, but then again so are almonds, broccoli, sesame seeds, etc…

Nobody is supposed to consume milk products of a different species after they are all grown up.  Milk is growth serum for a baby of it’s respective mother.  In fact, people who consume dairy products are the minority around the world population, not the majority.

So I think I have educated you, gentle reader, on why the first step in improving your diet, and therefore improving your life, is to eliminate dairy and gluten from the foods you regularly consume.  You could go further, but start there…

Starchy Foods: Good or Bad?

I’ve really meditated on this question, and came to the same conclusion I read in a basic nutrition book years ago.  Starchy foods are the cure for obesity, not the cause.  Yes, refined sugars and starches are fattening and unhealthy, but then again, you could theoretically get fat and sick from eating too many peanuts too.

Starchy staples like rice, corn, potatoes, quinoa, beans, sweet potato, etc… are actually the best foods, and there’s no need to eliminate them from your diet.

Processed carbohydrates are one dietary evil, but then again so is meat and milk.  I mean, it’s not evil to consume animal food, but it is taxing on the environment and everyone (including your) wallet.  It makes more sense to be as plant based as possible.

I like certain ‘luxury’ foods like sushi and anchovies and eggs, and it will be a long time before I give them up completely, but really veganism is the wave of the future and I suggest you ride this wave.