Starchy Foods: Good or Bad?

I’ve really meditated on this question, and came to the same conclusion I read in a basic nutrition book years ago.  Starchy foods are the cure for obesity, not the cause.  Yes, refined sugars and starches are fattening and unhealthy, but then again, you could theoretically get fat and sick from eating too many peanuts too.

Starchy staples like rice, corn, potatoes, quinoa, beans, sweet potato, etc… are actually the best foods, and there’s no need to eliminate them from your diet.

Processed carbohydrates are one dietary evil, but then again so is meat and milk.  I mean, it’s not evil to consume animal food, but it is taxing on the environment and everyone (including your) wallet.  It makes more sense to be as plant based as possible.

I like certain ‘luxury’ foods like sushi and anchovies and eggs, and it will be a long time before I give them up completely, but really veganism is the wave of the future and I suggest you ride this wave.



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