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Anatomy of a Hamburger

What’s so bad about a hamburger?  Allow me to explain, ingredient by ingredient.  You see, it’s not all bad, it’s just the means of getting your beef addiction met that causes problems.

First of all, there’s the bun.  It’s made from wheat, so it contains gluten.  Gluten, the protein found in wheat, is allergenic to some, but not all.  If you have problems with your intestines, don’t eat bread regularly.

Then there’s the sauce, which is usually ketchup and mayo combined.  Ketchup has tomatoes in it, but it also has a lot of sugar and salt in it.  Sugar and salt is what makes food taste good, but it also makes you retain water and be flabby.  Mayonnaise is usually made with low quality soybean oil.

Then there’s the pickle and onion, or lettuce and tomato, or whatever other ‘vegetable’ you put on a hamburger.  They’re not so bad, but there are tremendous ranges of quality between brands.

And finally there is the beef.  Beef can be good, if you go to a fancy hamburger place and get high quality beef, and only eat from time to time.  But low end, factory farmed, corn-fed beef is nasty and one of the big problems in America.  It is an environmental hazard to raise so many cows for meat and milk, they deplete our land’s resources and sully the earth with gas, feces, and other not-so-nice things.

I suggest beef is ok from time to time, but get the high quality grass fed kind and eat it with brown rice and/or salad.  It’s necessary to eat both plant and animal foods, and remember, quality of the food you consume is important, just like the octane of the fuel you use in your car affects its longevity.

So if you feel like eating a hamburger from time to time, se la vi, but remember American cuisine has many flaws in it, and there are other ways to eat that are much more sensible.


What I Learned In Acupuncture School…

I learned a lot, because I was actually paying attention and had my full mental faculties about me.  The major thing is that the American people are sick and dying largely because of ignorance of the basics.

People in other countries don’t need a nutrition lesson, because they eat a lot of fiber and walk more than we do.  They have to.  Grain and vegetables is easier to procure and requires less resources than meat and milk, so these poor people eat more fiber and don’t eat as often as we do.  They also have to hustle to make ends meet, there’s no welfare nation in other countries, so they get more movement in during the course of the day.

While socialism is basic human civility, and medicine and education should be given to every citizen free of charge, America is a capitalist society, where all actions are motivated by self interest and the government and media appeals to this inclination in man’s nature.

Joseph Goebbels, the master of propaganda for the Nazi Party once said, ‘think of the media as a keyboard, on which the government can play.’  That is exactly what has happened to America, a nation led by capitalism and competition.  People, even educated people, are largely ignorant of what people are supposed to eat.

The food industry is focused on profit, not health, and thus advertises its junk food on tv and other media.  Not only that, but commercial food has become a type of merchandise, altered in both taste and appearance to be addictive to the consumer.  Add on top of the fictional ideas that people need more than 100g a protein a day or should avoid cholesterol completely, and you have a recipe for disaster.

The main food should be whole grains and vegetables, cooked over low heat for a long time.  It doesn’t matter where you get your protein, most people are getting too much, and the food manufacturers put sugar in everything not only to make it taste better, but to make you addicted to the food.

Meat and milk should not be daily food, it should be a rarity, and in the past it was.  It is only with the progress in agricultural technology in the 1950’s that the beef and dairy industries began confusing the common people with propaganda.

So in essence, ignorance of children’s knowledge has made the American people the most miserable of all, and people are actually digging their own graves without basic tools to live.


The Exoneration of Cholesterol


People should realize that not only some cholesterol is ‘good’ for them, but that cholesterol is a fundamental part of the human body, is produced by the liver, and composes the cell membrane of almost every cell!

You can’t live without cholesterol, and the disinformation that has been spread to the public ever since the 1980’s was purely economically driven and had disastrous health consequences on the American people.

There are two types of cholesterol, the HDL, or high density lipoprotein, which is very good, and the LDL (low density lipoprotein) which is not so good.  You need both in your blood to really function as a human being.

Many foods that contain cholesterol, namely animal foods, since plant foods don’t contain any cholesterol, are good for human health and veganism is not a panacea.  Foods such as whole eggs, fish, shrimp, wild game, etc… contain cholesterol in high quantities, but if eaten won’t raise your blood serum cholesterol in any hazardous way.

There is a lot of ignorance amongst the American population about basic nutritional information, and that is why they suffer from easily reversible diseases of the affluent.  Saturated fat, trans fat, and hydrogenated fats are the real enemy when it comes to unnatural, unhealthy fat in your diet, and what you should really look out for.

My point is, cholesterol is innocent, and not something to blame your heart disease or any other disease on.


The Importance of Cheap Filler…

You might think starchy staples like rice, corn, and wheat are just cheap filler.  But in their low calorie banality is their inherent magic.  You don’t want to eat a strict diet of protein and low starch vegetables all the time, it will get irritating, undoable, and downright boring after a while.

You NEED complex carbohydrates in your diet, and fiber too is one of the most important nutrients, since it cleans out your system.  The energy that moves your body is dependent on sugar, on the Krebs Cycle to be more scientific, and you need glucose from somewhere.  Starch is the best source of glucose, since it is made up molecularly of long strands of glucose linked together.  Starches like rice get digested by the enzymes and turn into a steady supply of glucose, which is fuel to the human body and it’s energy producing system.

Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘to lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals.’  What he meant was, the fewer calories you consume, the longer you will live, it’s a scientific fact.  Thin out your diet with starchy grain, and you won’t be bogging down your system with high calorie food all the time.  Less is more when it comes to food, and grain extends the amount of food you’re eating at any one time without adding too many calories.

In the annals of history, people will see that the cultivation of grain was the greatest invention of all time, since that is what allowed so many people to flourish and the world to populate to record highs.  Without grain, the farmers would be unable to support life in cities, and the people who don’t grow their own food.

I know low carb principles work in dieting, but keep in mind that grain is the fundamental ‘human food’ and that it is hard to live without it.