The Importance of Cheap Filler…

You might think starchy staples like rice, corn, and wheat are just cheap filler.  But in their low calorie banality is their inherent magic.  You don’t want to eat a strict diet of protein and low starch vegetables all the time, it will get irritating, undoable, and downright boring after a while.

You NEED complex carbohydrates in your diet, and fiber too is one of the most important nutrients, since it cleans out your system.  The energy that moves your body is dependent on sugar, on the Krebs Cycle to be more scientific, and you need glucose from somewhere.  Starch is the best source of glucose, since it is made up molecularly of long strands of glucose linked together.  Starches like rice get digested by the enzymes and turn into a steady supply of glucose, which is fuel to the human body and it’s energy producing system.

Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘to lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals.’  What he meant was, the fewer calories you consume, the longer you will live, it’s a scientific fact.  Thin out your diet with starchy grain, and you won’t be bogging down your system with high calorie food all the time.  Less is more when it comes to food, and grain extends the amount of food you’re eating at any one time without adding too many calories.

In the annals of history, people will see that the cultivation of grain was the greatest invention of all time, since that is what allowed so many people to flourish and the world to populate to record highs.  Without grain, the farmers would be unable to support life in cities, and the people who don’t grow their own food.

I know low carb principles work in dieting, but keep in mind that grain is the fundamental ‘human food’ and that it is hard to live without it.




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