Born to Boogie

I know my music has little to do with Taoism or nutrition, but I’d like to tell my following here on wordpress about my recordings and my profile on Patreon.

My music is traditional delta blues, played on both acoustic and electric guitars.  My influences include John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson, and the folk rock legend Bob Dylan.  The music is mellow and hypnotic and I sing in a low voice, so I find that this type of blues is healing and therapeutic to listen to.  I guess that’s the connection between the blog and the music.

The blues is a healer, and music is a big part of both traditional religion and traditional medicine.  Most shamans in aboriginal tribes play music as part of their routine, and music is the best psychological therapy there is.  It speaks to the emotions and subconscious.

To describe my music, it is a revival of old blues music with a more spiritual, mythological feel.  I really hope you take a listen, even if you don’t pledge any money.  I will be releasing songs and videos regularly, so please click below.



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