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A Highly Caffeinated Nation

America is.  Part of our day to day health problems, like dehydration, constipation, headaches, migraines, and irritability stem from drinking too much coffee and not enough water, juice, and lemonade.

We have to be up by 6am and at work by 9am, or else we are not worthy of having a home, being fed and clothed, and raising our own families.  I’m being facetious, the system is rigged.

All this coffee and caffeine keeps us up and alert, but it is not natural.  And it lays the foundation for heart and nerve disease later on and ultimately stroke.

Someone is watching the rat race with glee and sadistically enjoys watching humanity suffer.  But I dont.  Get educated in youth, work hard during your youth, and elevate yourself to a position where you can make your own schedule and not overly caffienate yourself just to keep up with the competition.  Relax, breathe, move slower.  You’ll get more accomplished that way.



Strictness and Results

There’s no need to be strict.  It doesn’t get you anything extra.  The general thing is to not overeat and not to underdo movement.  Being overly strict, especially diet, makes you irritable, irrate, and alienates you from other people.

The best dinner is fish and quinoa/brown rice and some vegetables, like a salad.  Start the day off with protein and coffee so you will have strength for the day.  It’s a cliche, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Don’t skip breakfast.

If you are a bodybuilder or an actor who needs a six pack of abs to function, then you need a low carb diet with no sugar or salt, and a lot of weightlifting.  But if you are normal, you just need to be moderate and sensible.

A buffer of unhealthy food keeps your immune system strong, your addictions and cravings in check, and keeps your sanity.  Be moderate, be humble, be humane.

The result of life is bodily death.  The journey is the reward, and the chaos is the fun part.  So enjoy food a bit, don’t be too strict and don’t be overly uptight about results.

Breathe in, breathe out.  Relax.

Fructarianism: An Ancient Science

There are many forms of vegetarianism just like there are many forms of animal based diets.  There’s the traditional lacto ovo vegetarian diet, there is pescatarianism, veganism, raw foods veganism, etc…

Fructarianism is about eating things that are botanically fruits or fruit related crops.  Since most of the plant food we eat is fruit, botanically speaking, it’s not that exotic a diet.

Fructarianism doesn’t have to be complicated.  Nutrition doesn’t need to be complicated.  This is basic knowledge. A baby should be instructed in what to eat and not eat.  And an animal doesn’t need a nutrition lesson, they know instinctively.

In the garden of eden, Adam and Eve the original couple, were instructed to eat every fruit and fruit that contains seed.  This is fructarianism.  If you read the bible, after the fall from grace, man was cursed to eat bread that he would work the land for, and then meat was introduced to the human diet and mans lifespan was shortened to 120 years.  Whether you’re a bible believer or not, this allegory is a pretty accurate description of how human diet evolved.  Our closest animal relatives, the chimpanzee and the gorilla, are fructarians who eat fruit and seed all day.  Since they can’t cook anything, they spend countless hours chewing on fruit and bamboo.  Since we have technology, we can cook our food which speeds up food preparation and improves digestion.

When we say fruit, we think of apples and bananas.  But anything with seeds therein is technically a fruit.  That includes tomato, cucumber, lemon, eggplant, all peppers (both hot and sweet), squash, corn, beans(which are high protein seeds), quinoa, etc…

The Bengalis of India consider fish to be ‘fruit of the sea’ so they still call themselves fructarians.  And eggs are fruit of the chicken.  The unfertilized egg of a chicken is its ‘fruit’, since eggs are the fruit of the womb.  Even a firstborn child is called a firstfruit in the bible.

So really, when you understand botany, science and nutrition, eating healthy shouldn’t be so complicated.  Eat what God, Nature, and our own biology dictates, and you will be in robust health.

In my life, I weaned off animal foods and a high protein, low sugar diet gradually.  And I’m glad I did.  Meat and milk is not good for anyone out of infancy or childhood, and the Atkins diet is only a temporary solution. And in the long run, low sugar dieting causes insulin resistance, liver derangement, hypoglycemia which eventually evolves into diabetes itself.  One Doctor can’t reinvent the rules of nutrition, get rich, and go unchecked.  Man was meant to live on starch rich fruits, vegetables, legumes, and tubers and supplement his diet with whatever he could catch.  We need starch, sugar, and fiber, and grain or starchy vegetables like basmati rice or sweet potato should be the foundation of the diet.  Our brains are made of fat but run on glucose.

This means we need a steady supply of glucose to keep our brains running optimally. Starch is simply chains of glucose which slowly break down into ready to use blood sugar.  Man’s ideal food.

The reason why fish is good for us and an ideal supplement to a fructarian diet, besides Bengali expressions, is because they concentrate high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids in their flesh from consuming algae all day and night.  If fish fat had the same make up as cow fat, they’d be too stiff to swim and die at the bottom of the ocean.

And eggs make sense because they are fruit of the chicken’s womb, contain the ideal protein for human nutrition, and would be easy to acquire in nature which means they’ve been part of the human diet for a long, long time.

The sugar restriction diet is a fad and a gimmick used by bodybuilders and athletes to make weight for competitions.

Dont believe the hype.


Exploring New Options

I’m always looking to learn new things and explore innovations.  The day you stop growing and learning, is the day you might as well be dead.

I want to make money from my writing because money is power and freedom in this twisted society.  I need money.

I noticed here on that posts about food get a lot of attention but more introspective, philosophical posts go hardly noticed.

I happen to like the more philosophical posts more, and taoist thought shapes my whole worldview.

One of the main themes of Tao is that nature is perfect and neutral, but the world of man is fallen and corrupt.  Right is not right, so is not so.

These words of tao are words to live by.  But instead of being a hermit on the mountain retreating from society, better to be a health journalist telling people the right way to live, knowledge they used to know but have forgotten.

Lonely is the Night

When you find yourself alone.  Often I have thought about concepts like justice, real love, destiny, fate, the meaning of life, natural vs artificial, etc…

What is truth? Man doesn’t live in reality.  He lives in subjective reality, which means he creates the outside world from the half truths and perceptions of his mind.  God and God alone lives in objective reality.  You cant make this stuff up.  Fiction has to make sense.

Maybe I and many like me, need to lower our expectations.  Maybe life after high school or college isn’t about naked, drug fueled orgies.  Maybe it never was nor will be.

I could have been so much more.  Many people feel the same way.  But maybe there is some sense to what the taoist sages have always been saying.  Humility is the abiding and chief practice of the sage.

All Actions are Motivated by Self Interest

Its sad but true.  Just the way we are designed, with a mouth and an anus, means I must eat my food and you need to get yours.  When you swallow something, it’s in your stomach and no one else’s.

This nature makes inclined to be selfish and greedy, since I cant feel your pleasure nor can I feel your pain.

But the real meaning of life is to go from selfishness to generosity, and the mechanism is altruism and selfless action.  This is the meaning of the gita.

The more you help others, the better their opinions of you become, and they may repay your generosity sometime in the future.  This is logic.  And it makes sense.

So dont wallow in greed, anger, pride, and delusion.  Help someone in need and they may repay you later.

Help wanted.

The Importance of Tai Chi

I cant say enough good things about this Chinese, internal martial art.  Its three main aims are health, meditation, and lastly self defense.

It involves no sparring nor competition and yet it still makes you tougher.  Besides that, it promotes longevity, the circulation of qi and blood, and develops your emotions and spirit a lot like yoga does too.

It is also a form of moving meditation, of stillness in motion, and tai chi practitioners meditate standing up with their eyes open, because meditation should not exclude the outside world.  If you can be calm and serene and still not ignore the outside world, then you are well trained.

I love tai chi, and I will never stop learning and growing.  Peace on you.

Fearing for others as you fear for yourself,

Do not kill or cause others to kill.  The Buddha, a Nepalese Prince originally named Siddartha Guatama said that 2,500 years ago.  Be humane.  The world of thought and knowledge is advancing quickly, especially due to the internet, social media, and the sharing of previously withheld information.

The cattle industry, which supplies us with meat and milk, is ruining the environment faster than anything else people are doing, including transportation.  You have a say, you vote with your dollar bill.  How you spend your money shapes geopolitics.

There is no need to feed a population of 7 billion people with dung-covered steak and cheese.  If everyone ate like an American, there wouldn’t be enough food.  If everyone was somewhat vegan, there’d be a dinner and a half for every man, woman, and child.

Animals are sentient.  We can’t live without fighting and killing, even taking a shower or stepping on an ant is killing.  But we can reduce our karmic debt and our carbon footprint by eating less meat and milk products, less chicken, and more fish, eggs, sweet potatoes, corn, beans, and vegetables and so on.

I sincerely believe that when it comes to food and medicine, America is worst of the worst.  Just take a trip to Europe, Israel, or India, or Japan for that matter, and you won’t see decrepit people in their thirties and forties and beyond.  Their governments aren’t lying to them.  Their governments aren’t robbing them.  Their governments aren’t murdering them.

Nobody should be obese.  Nobody should be diabetic in their youth or middle age.  The vegan diet, as well as the knowledge of yoga, vedanta, and ayurveda is the fountain of youth and should be common knowledge to everyone.

There is an inverse relationship between animal food in the diet and robust health.  Remember that.

Even if for no other reason than compassion for furry, gentle, kind, helpless animals, you should eat more plant food and eat less animal food.  We are all sentient creatures.  We want to live no matter what and no one wants to die.  Remember that.




The Most Sensible Diet

First of all, one of the original advocates of the vegetarian diet where the early Hebrews.  Kosher Laws, or Kashrut as known in Hebrew, go back to the Torah as to which animals are clean to eat and which are not.  The Torah is uncanny at how ahead of it’s time it was in dietary laws, hygiene, and sanitation.

Meat of any kind symbolizes death and decay.  Dairy products of any kind symbolize new life, since babies eat dairy.  And according to the rabbinical literature, fish and eggs are Parve, or spiritually neutral.  Anyone can eat fish or eggs and still consider themselves vegetarian.

The Kosher Vegetarian, while being somewhat strict since they keep kosher, partake of plant foods and fish and eggs, and dabble in dairy products.  In this era, this seems ultramodern, but the Ancient Hebrews had already thought of this before.

And it’s not that different from what the East Asians have been doing for a long time sheerly out of necessity.  They eat a lot of grain and vegetables, but that wouldn’t be enough without supplementing the diet with fish, seafood (both plant and animal), eggs, and so on.

So there really is a connection between the Jews, who are an Asiatic race, and the Chinese, beyond what they eat on Christmas.

Why Gluten is So Bad

First of all, many people have Celiac’s, Crohn’s, Colitis, and IBD.  They shouldn’t have wheat products.  Also, the wheat crop absorbs a lot from the ground, which was probably favored in ancient times, but now wheat crops absorb almost 18 times as much toxins from the soil as other cereal grains like rice and corn.

A good alternative is rice.  Rice is easy to grow, harvests are big, both white and brown are good, and they fuel your activity and warm up your body.

Corn in it’s natural state isn’t that bad, but that crop erodes the topsoil very quickly.  The only reason corn is number one is because we fatten up chickens and cows with it.

Quinoa is good.  Gluten free, pseudograin, high in complete protein, fiber, and starch.  It is the ‘mother grain’,

Sweet Potatoes will always be one of the best starchy staples.  Nuff Said.

Even beans and lentils can be seen as both a protein source, and a starch source. It also has fiber in it and is a great substitute for meat if you are vegan.

So really, in this day and age, wheat should be put aside and other staples should take the forefront.