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Street-Corner Blues

I only know long island, because that is where I live and I don’t travel much.  But walk down any main road in new york, and you will see a 711, a dunkin donuts, and/or a starbucks.  Someone is selling cheap dairy, sugar, and grain, and someone is consuming it with glee and someone is profiting off of this exchange.

Don’t blame the Pakistani guy at the counter of the 711.  Don’t blame the truckdrivers for needing a cup of strong coffee to stay awake at the wheel.  And don’t blame the young men and women who work at Starbucks.  They’re not that rich, and they’re just facilitating you ruining your own health.  It’s a neutral act, not an evil act.

It’s really business, media, and politics to blame.  Some people are profiting off your ignorance and misery.  They want you to keep eating junk and keep getting sick and keep going to the medical doctor to get pharmaceuticals, which in turn makes you more hungry, tired, and obese.  This system is rigged.

In fact, all of this society is designed to defeat you, the good simple man.  It’s designed to drain you slow, to rob you, to beat you down.  And the only cure is to work hard every day, spend less than you earn, and not be so materialistic.  Less is more.  Money is the root of all evil.  If you are not content to be on a fixed income, get an education and find a line of work you enjoy.  Work isn’t work if you enjoy it.

Holy men and yogis leave the world of men because it is so evil and worthless.  But rather than being a monk on the mountain chanting ‘hare krishna’, it is better to be in the world but not of it.  I don’t want to be a celibate monk living off of alms.

I want to work and marry, because power and pleasure feels good.  And joy is the meaning of life.  It’s that simple.


Parting Thoughts

My annual subscription to wordpress runs out in two weeks and I decided not to pay to extend the use of the domain name.  I’m sure my blog will still be on the internet, under a longer, more unwieldy handle.

I’ve learned a lot over the past year of publishing this blog.  It’s not all bad.  No matter who you are, high or low, it’s possible to change your situation.  Keep trying, and you will find a sympathetic audience.

It is no longer necessary for me to work for free.  I don’t want to blog away my ideas to the public for free.  I deserve better.  I am quitting facebook and blogging.  I don’t want to spend more time than necessary infront of the computer.  If i’m not working a volunteer job, internship, or work from home job, or even jotting down notes, there’s no point in sitting infront of a computer all day.

My suggestion to you, gentle reader, is to never quit no matter how bad it gets.  As long as you got the breath of life in you, you have a chance to improve your position and make a difference in somebody else’s life.  Don’t listen to the critics.

And whatever you do, don’t assimilate to mainstream society.  Be in the world but not of it.  There are people in this world who profit off your ignorance and misery.  What I tried to do with this blog was educate ordinary people about the way to get healthy so you don’t have to rely on the junk food industry and the medical establishment.  They mean you no good.  Life is a battle, and to be victorious in life, you must be in the camp of God. He grants victory.


Longevity is Merit

Just like the early generations of the bible could live hundreds of years and beget dozens of children, real men of integrity endure long on the earth and live to see the third generation.

Longevity is merit, because righteousness saves from death.  The generations before Abraham were not Jews, since Abraham was the first Jew, they were more like aborigines, interacting with Jah directly.

Why am I discussing biblical evidence in a fitness and nutrition blog?  Because health, longevity, and dietetic practices for keeping oneself clean and alive originate in the Bible.  You just have to really understand what is written and what is not written to really get it.

In nature, it’s survival of the fittest.  But Man exists separate from nature because we are the apex of guided evolution, and God’s greatest design.  Man has in subjugation all the living creatures of the earth and sea.  This is the real justification for eating meat, every plant and animal is for man’s use, whether they be for food, medicine, poison, work, or as a pet.  We are not just another species of ape fighting for survival, had that been the case, we would have went extinct a long time ago.

The real way to longevity is to do the right thing and keep living.  Karma has it that whatever you do will come back to you.  Even in business, the good businessman serves the communal good.

A man’s lifespan should be 120 years, but most fall short of this ideal.  The way to live is to live clean, eat clean, and stay clean.  I know we are all imperfect and deeply flawed, but we must constantly struggle for rectitude in a world that is far from fair.