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If you are interested…

If you are interested in a short read and a condensed primer on healthy lifestyle in the same vein as my blog, I just published a small ebook today.  It summarizes in 7 short chapters a lot of knowledge and experience and observation.

I finally got around to publishing my book, which I named, ‘Sport and Physical Culture’.  Originally, I wanted to call my book ‘Taoist Nutrition Made Easy’ or some other title relating to my Chinese Medicine education, but didn’t want the association with either religion or medicine.

This is a brief summary of wholistic lifestyle for anyone, if you want to improve your health and well-being.  In very few pages, I cover topics like nutrition, exercise, sport, sexology, psychology and even zen.

I know I am not a doctor, but rather have a degree in Acupuncture and also digital design.  I’m qualified to write this book because I have the knowledge and the desire to teach people how to go from sickness to health.

Consider looking at the sample chapter and see if the book has something to offer you.


Sport and Physical Culture

The link above is to my About Author Page, the one below, to Amazon to sample and purchase the ebook.


Other Realizations

Within the subject of Taoist Nutrition and Lifestyle, there are a lot more things to talk about than diet and how to be normal bodyweight.  While Taoist Medicine, also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, is largely acupuncture, herbs, and massage, there are other things to consider.

The first text of TCM was ‘The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine’.  In it, Huang Di aka The Yellow Emperor suggests ways to facilitate the flow of chi in the meridians of the human body, spot and treat the disease process, and so on.

But ultimately, Huang Di was a Taoist, and he sought immortality.  In the beginning part of the book, he writes something to the effect, ‘If one wishes to be immortal, one must eat a diet free of grain.’

This sounds weird to us and weird to Ancient China where rice and millet are/were staple crops.  A diet free of grain promotes longevity.  Dog food manufacturers have created grain free dog food and yet people are still confused about what is proper diet for a human being.  That is a little bit strange.

Huang Di wanted to attain immortality just like the legends of Taoist masters said they did.  Ultimately, he failed because nobody ever achieved immortality, with the exceptions of Enoch and Elijah in the Hebrew Bible.

But beyond a grain free diet there is more to the Taoist lifestyle than a diet that promotes longevity.  Taoism as it applies to TCM included the desire to live as long as possible with as little pain, illness, and deterioration as possible.

This goal is attainable.  In fact, treating diseases with acupuncture, herbs, and massage is almost useless just like western pharmaceuticals and surgery do more harm than good.  The real way to end sickness on earth is to educate people about the complete Taoist lifestyle and how to live in perfect health.

Taoism is not a religion, although a folk religion has sprung up in China with some of the facets of Buddhism.  Taoism is a complete philosophical lifestyle that emphasizes concepts like being spontaneous, non-conformity,  passivity, humility, simplicity of food and clothing, and compassion for man and animal alike.

So if you like my blog and the ideas I talk about, maybe you should read up on the subject of Taoism and Taoist practices like tai chi, kung fu, feng shui, plant based diet, and meditation.  Truly, there is a lot to the lifestyle of a Taoist other than where he gets his protein or if he can predict the future (like the book the I-Ching).  The essence of Taoism is to be simple and natural, and live and age in harmony with heaven and earth.

There is a quote from one Taoist book I read that goes, ‘when it comes down to the Tao, being at peace and at ease, not many people are really interested in it.’  That phrase indicates that if people want excitement and pleasure as their main source of fun, they should look elsewhere than Tao.  If one wants to be a Taoist, the ultimate goal is tranquility and peace in a world of chaos, pain, and violence.

Every End is a New Beginning

While it might be sad news for some, the fact that this blog domain name is expiring soon should not be bad for everyone.  Since I don’t really monetize this blog, I can’t afford to keep it going.

But as this blog name fades away within days, I plan on changing my approach to helping people and helping myself.  First of all, I will stop working for free.  The knowledge contained in this blog is enough to write a good book, and it’s all quality information.

Also, I’d like to get out more and teach students in a face to face type encounter.  Being sedentary and sitting infront of a computer (even for a short time) is not healthy or fun.

I hope those we enjoy my work should keep following my career in writing, art, and music.  Taoism encourages the creative arts, diet and exercise, and the practice of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Kung fu.  Taoist medicine is about empirical observation and the stored knowledge of hundreds of generations of Chinese people.

I’m sure anyone can benefit from my teachings, in whatever form it takes.  I am simply trying to make some good out of my education and experience.  Thanks.

On the come-back trail…

I haven’t posted in a couple of months or so because I kind of ran out of things to say and new things to offer.  But now that I am back in the game, I might as well share what insights I have attained.

First of all, it is not so important to be strict with your diet.  Ultimately, it’s about calories in and calories out.  The easiest way to reduce calories is to reduce sugar.

I noticed over this passed time that perfect diet is not really necessary.  As long as you are watching portion size and timing of meals, it’s not really necessary to bother people with your dietary restrictions.

The only two really heinous food groups are dairy and grain, and yet, there are exceptions.  People literally could live off of bread and cheese, and in some countries around the world, they actually do.  But a real healthy diet includes a lot of protein and a lot of fiber and is low in sugar.

Also, I’ve noticed that it’s not easy to eat protein foods all day and never eat anything sweet or starchy.  Carbs should be part of your diet, it’s just choosing the best carbs is the trick.

Vegetables is man’s primary foodstuff, and on a low carb diet, it’s easy to neglect them.  Also, high quality cooking fats are important.  Olive oil and butter come to mind.

So as I continue my health and recovery journey, I will try to strike a balance between exercise and a doable version of the low carb (or Bi-Gu) diet.  Grain really is the first junk food, and health increases when you stop eating starchy grains.

The Healing Power….of animal foods?

We all should know that every natural, unprocessed plant food has healing power, even sucrose (white sugar).  But did you know that not all animal foods are bad?  In fact, some are even healthy and good for you, and this is a big argument against veganism.

For starters, the hard boiled egg is a powerhouse of nutrition, and people should eat both the white and the yolk if they want to be healthy.  The white contains most of the protein, but the yolk contains most of the fat, which happens to be good fat.  Egg yolks support healthy cholesterol production by the liver, which is needed for every cell membrane in your body.

Fish and seafood is another biggie.  As long as its wild caught and not farm raised, the fattier the fish the better it is for you, the complete opposite of land animals, where one should only choose the lean cuts.  Fish oil is a medicine, a medicine I take since it is anti-inflammatory, but the easiest way to get fish fat is to eat a fatty fish.

Also, not all dairy products are garbage.  Butter and Ghee make fine cooking fats as an occasional alternative to olive oil and coconut oil (which is plantbased saturated fat).  Also, yogurt can be tolerated by many because most of the sugar has been digested away by the fermenting bacteria.  It is also probiotic.

Even lean chicken and beef isn’t so heinous.  Get lean meat from healthy animals, not tortured factory farmed animals.  I read in a taoist nutrition book that beef is warm and tonifying, and strengthens the loin and increases sperm count.  It is definitely a high testoterone food.

Honey is the best animal food, and perhaps, the best food in general.  While technically not meat, dairy, or egg, it is the mana that the queen bee eats and thus lives ten times longer than her drones.  Instead of worrying about cruelty to bees, one should aspire to create as many bee colonies as possible, as they pollinate most of our food crops naturally.

So don’t be convinced that all animal food is bad, there are empirically proven health benefits to eating certain lean, unprocessed animal foods.  Being vegan is a lifestyle choice, but then again, so is being a compassionate omnivore.

Real Food

There’s a big difference between real food and fake food.  Real food has the natural texture and consistency of plants and animals and whatever else of where it came from.  As you progress on the Atkins diet, and it doesn’t matter where you get your protein, you start to enjoy the texture of real food.

Vegetables are by far the best foods.  Fruits and Whole Grains, while being somewhat natural (in fact they are highly hybridized to be starchier) are still sugars.  Vegetables are high in fiber, water, vitamins, and minerals.  So eat them.

Things that ate and processed vegetables are also good, like eggs and yogurt and honey.  Remember greens over grains.

In one of the classics of Chinese Medicine, it says, ‘of the five grains, the bean is the most nutritious’.  We all know today that a bean is not a grain, but this statement says something profound.  Beans can replace grain in your diet, they can even replace meat!  Beans and lentils are an excellent source of protein and fiber as well as other nutrients.  What was once considered plebian food is now a nutritional powerhouse and you should eat more of them, if you have any sense.

There’s nothing wrong with eating meat from time to time, just remember, animals that ate greens not grains are healthier, so get your animal food from healthy animals.  Even if you endulge in corn fed beef or chicken in a restaurant its not the end of the world.

Just remember to eat your vegetables and enough protein to fill you up and give you power.  And whatever you do, don’t be a raw foods vegan.  That diet can’t work in the real world, it’s too impractical and by nature incomplete.  Fads come and go.

It’s been proven by studying the diets of seventh day adventists and mormons that lacto ovo vegetarianism is the best diet as compared to the SAD or standard American diet.  Of course, yogis have known this for thousands of years, but I guess you needed science to tell you it now.

Whatever you do, do it with enthusiasm.  I know what I am going to do, and the real sage leads by example.  I’ve decided a sugar restricted mostly plant based diet is best for me.



Heal Your Brain…with Fat!

There’s more to dieting, losing weight, and feeling better than just eating less carbohydrate.  If you’re having trouble losing weight on a low carb diet, eat less protein and more fat.  The point is to stop being a sugar fueled metabolism and start being a fat burning metabolism.

The low carb, high fat diet is not just good for weight loss and it’s not just the most natural diet.  It also heals the brain.  While our brain runs on glucose, it is mostly comprised of fat.  In fact, every cell membrane in your body is comprised of fat.  Fat and water don’t mix, which is why we are solid and not blobs of goo on the floor.

In changing your life and turning your life around, don’t overdo the protein.  Like I always say, the best foods are protein, vegetables, and healthy fats.  The low fat, low cholesterol craze of the 1980s resulted in a lot of misinformation amongst the American populace.

The fat you eat and the fat on your body are not the same thing.  The fat you eat is a good fuel source, and the fat on your body is largely comprised of stored sugar.  There’s a big world of difference between good, high quality fat and low quality trans and saturated fat.  Just eat more home cooked food and less in restaurants and you will be living a better quality of life.  When you make food yourself, you know everything that is going into it.

Don’t give into the convenience of restaurant-merchandise.  It’s designed to make you addicted, and the low quality of the cooking fat is what makes it extremely heinous, if they were using coconut oil and ghee, the food wouldn’t be so bad.  But some people profit off your lack of knowledge of nutrition, and the restaurant business wants you to be addicted to their product.  It’s largely an unwholesome environment, but if you are educated, you can make the right decisions.

Eating a lot of high quality fat is a step in the right direction, and in the absence of carbohydrate, your body lives off of ketone bodies instead of glucose.  This is the caveman state of health, when sugar and starch was scarce, and feast or famine a real concern.  A constant abundance of sugar is the real artificiality of modern times, and what is feeding your disease rather than your recovery.