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Comfort Food

Let’s all be humble and eat food that makes us happy, regardless of whether we believe it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for us.  In reality, all organic material is food for another creature once it’s spirit leaves and it is dead.  This even goes for raw fruits and vegetables.

I never liked or got addicted to sweets and baked goods.  Good on me.  But I always like greasy and salty food.  One of my favorites is fried chicken, from KFC or homemade.  It’s all good.

Early this morning, I followed a video recipe on an udemy course about cooking eggs and I created a Spanish Torta.  It came out wonderful, and I only ate a third of it for breakfast.  A Torta is like a pie made out of egg, potato, and onion, all common ingredients.

As we grow older, let’s not forget to treat ourselves once in a while and not obsess about healthy food.  What is life if you don’t enjoy it?


Considering Keto

I know I dont usually jump on any bandwagons, but I’m starting to consider the ketogenic diet.

And not for weight loss, athletic performance, or a six pack of abs.  I heard that the ketogenic diet reverses many disease processes in the body such as brain disease, autoimmune disease and even infectious disease, like STDS.

After all, Dr Sebi cured people of AIDS and his whole spiel was starch free diets.

I’m not a huge fan of pasta and fruit, they satisfy sweet cravings, and I love meat with lots of fat and salt, but I eat one way and not the other because of guilt.

We are brainwashed into thinking meat and fat is bad and sugar and starch is nature.  But this brainwashing only started in the mid 1950s.

Read diet books from a hundred years ago, and they ENCOURAGE butter, eggs, beef, chicken, and bacon.

So maybe I’m a victim of propaganda too?


What Has Really Changed

Not much of human nutrition has changed in the past 10,000 years.  Nothing at all.  In past civilizations, people ate lamb, chicken, cheese, butter, and egg with glee and the environment was not in danger.

What has changed in the past 50 years, starting midway through the twentieth century, was HOW we grow our food, be it plant or animal.

The factory line production method was applied to farming, agriculture became big business, and not only pesticides began to be used but farmers became rich enough to lobby politicians as an interest group.

This was a devastating change for everyone.  Seeing animals as machines and not living beings we symbioticly live with is dangerous.  Farmers are encouraged in their trade manuals to see the pig as a machine not a mother of children.

Human nutrition has not changed.  We became omnivores over the millennia.  But human greed and the devil known as capitalism ruined everything.  And all out of the fear of not making enough money.

It is the economics that are ruining the planet, and people like Donald Trump stand accused.  All they care about is profit margins.

Theres nothing wrong with eating or wanting to eat animal food.  Lions kill other animals.  But man is steward of the land.  His responsibility is to take care of God’s creation and not deplete it.

People in the bible ate milk and meat too, by the way.  That was the custom of semitic shepards.  Are we any better?

So dont blame the ordinary man for the evil of corporate america.  You’re a human being, eat what you want to eat.

Say live and let die.




A Letter to Amanda

On my previous post, ‘Maybe Veganism is Overrated?’. someone wanted to post something protecting veganism and saying my criticisms are in vain.  Instead of just approving the comment, I will write my response here.  This is how civilized people disagree, with words and not physically.

First of all, while veganism can be healthy, and vegans are usually skinny (often too skinny, like the actors in hollywood) it is not necessary for human health.  In fact, for real human health, you need the mixed diet of a hatha yogi.  That means eating mostly plant food, like grain, vegetables, and fruits, supplemented with egg and fish and even meat.

I will rattle off the nutrition knowledge they gave me and started me off in in Traditional Chinese Medicine school 20 years ago:

Eat Soups and Stews.  Don’t eat dairy.  Eat red meat once a week to keep your blood strong.  Avoid too much raw stuff and cold stuff, especially raw fruit and ice cold beverages.  Iced and raw injures the organs of digestion.

This was just the beginning of the journey, but I am glad I started with the widsom of thousands of generations of Chinese people and not the fad diets of con artists.  I later learned about Atkins diet and veganism, two extremes, neither of which really work or are good for you.

The Atkins diet might get you short term weight loss and an increase in energy, but it is mostly water weight you are losing, it will cause insulin resistance later on in life, and you will grow tired of steak and salad all day every day.  Fruit and Grain (like pasta) is essential.

Veganism, the other extreme, will lead you to be extremely skinny, with very little vital power to do anything and lead a life other than obsessing over nutrition.  Vegans tend to be skinny, but they are not any healthier than smart people who are educated in nutrition, and know how to age skillfully.  It is not necessary to be 100% plant based, and it is not right or natural either.

One key thing I want to say is, we can’t live without killing.  The world is fallen, and eating a certain way won’t restore paradise.  As you age and mature, you will learn to be less fanatical, less extreme, and more humble.

Veganism is the fad, the extremism, and the religion of the current era.  But it won’t save the planet.

There’s a new sheriff in town…

And his name is quinoa.  Sure, there are other sources of starchy staples, like bread, pasta, rice, corn, potatoes, sweet Potatoes, etc…. but in many ways quinoa trumps them all.

Quinoa is a flower seed, so it is technically pseudograin not a real grain.  But it is cooked and eaten like rice.  It is whole, contains no gluten, and has more fiber and twice the protein of brown rice.

You can even make it in a rice cooker or as a pilaf on the stovetop with broth and spices.

Quinoa comes from south America, where it is harvested in Bolivia and Peru.  It has the most perfect, balanced plant protein on earth.  It is almost as good as egg.

So I see no reason why you should eat any other starchy staple.


The spanish word for ‘juice’.  Juice has gotten a bad rap lately with Atkins, Keto, and Paleo sweeping the nutritionally ignorant nation.  But I assure you, juice, 100% juice or close to it, is good for you, refreshing, tastes good, and will not make you fat as part of an overall grain and produce based diet.

You don’t need to be vegan to be healthy.  But intentionally going into ketosis to induce fat loss is extremely unhealthy and dangerous.  So is eliminating entire food groups, as in Paleo.  These extreme diets are for short term weight loss.

I really don’t care if people stop buying and drinking pure fruit juice, it just means more for me.  But people should wisen up and realize, its not just sugar.  Fruit of any kind has many micronutrients in it, contains tons of potassium, and has no fat of any kind in it.

So drink up, buttercup.

A Highly Caffeinated Nation

America is.  Part of our day to day health problems, like dehydration, constipation, headaches, migraines, and irritability stem from drinking too much coffee and not enough water, juice, and lemonade.

We have to be up by 6am and at work by 9am, or else we are not worthy of having a home, being fed and clothed, and raising our own families.  I’m being facetious, the system is rigged.

All this coffee and caffeine keeps us up and alert, but it is not natural.  And it lays the foundation for heart and nerve disease later on and ultimately stroke.

Someone is watching the rat race with glee and sadistically enjoys watching humanity suffer.  But I dont.  Get educated in youth, work hard during your youth, and elevate yourself to a position where you can make your own schedule and not overly caffienate yourself just to keep up with the competition.  Relax, breathe, move slower.  You’ll get more accomplished that way.


Strictness and Results

There’s no need to be strict.  It doesn’t get you anything extra.  The general thing is to not overeat and not to underdo movement.  Being overly strict, especially diet, makes you irritable, irrate, and alienates you from other people.

The best dinner is fish and quinoa/brown rice and some vegetables, like a salad.  Start the day off with protein and coffee so you will have strength for the day.  It’s a cliche, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Don’t skip breakfast.

If you are a bodybuilder or an actor who needs a six pack of abs to function, then you need a low carb diet with no sugar or salt, and a lot of weightlifting.  But if you are normal, you just need to be moderate and sensible.

A buffer of unhealthy food keeps your immune system strong, your addictions and cravings in check, and keeps your sanity.  Be moderate, be humble, be humane.

The result of life is bodily death.  The journey is the reward, and the chaos is the fun part.  So enjoy food a bit, don’t be too strict and don’t be overly uptight about results.

Breathe in, breathe out.  Relax.

Exploring New Options

I’m always looking to learn new things and explore innovations.  The day you stop growing and learning, is the day you might as well be dead.

I want to make money from my writing because money is power and freedom in this twisted society.  I need money.

I noticed here on nativefitness.org that posts about food get a lot of attention but more introspective, philosophical posts go hardly noticed.

I happen to like the more philosophical posts more, and taoist thought shapes my whole worldview.

One of the main themes of Tao is that nature is perfect and neutral, but the world of man is fallen and corrupt.  Right is not right, so is not so.

These words of tao are words to live by.  But instead of being a hermit on the mountain retreating from society, better to be a health journalist telling people the right way to live, knowledge they used to know but have forgotten.

All Actions are Motivated by Self Interest

Its sad but true.  Just the way we are designed, with a mouth and an anus, means I must eat my food and you need to get yours.  When you swallow something, it’s in your stomach and no one else’s.

This nature makes inclined to be selfish and greedy, since I cant feel your pleasure nor can I feel your pain.

But the real meaning of life is to go from selfishness to generosity, and the mechanism is altruism and selfless action.  This is the meaning of the gita.

The more you help others, the better their opinions of you become, and they may repay your generosity sometime in the future.  This is logic.  And it makes sense.

So dont wallow in greed, anger, pride, and delusion.  Help someone in need and they may repay you later.

Help wanted.