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We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of Natives by utilizing our expertise in fitness, fitness management and wellness to help bring actual lasting change.


It’s time to rekindle the strength of our ancestors

Let’s break the cycle of diabetes and obesity that we find in much of Indian Country today. If we learned one thing from Covid it is that we as a Native people cannot find ourselves in this position again where we are more vulnerable than the average American due to our health. 

Despite the grants, the funding being diverted into our Diabetes centers, fitness centers, along with funded programming it would appear that we are missing the mark! Our wellness facilities cannot be put in a corner with limited hours and say that we have wellness and then with limited use say that it didn’t work. Or in the case of tribes with considerable resources where the trend is to copy what is being done in the private sector larger gyms in terms of set up and yet still experience limited usage. 

Throughout our travels in Indian Country we have found that the challenge is real! This is not who we were as a people and this is not who we are today.  We truly believe at Native Fitness that we can actually make a difference. 

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Orien (OJ) is an enrolled member of the Grand Ronde Tribe in Oregon. He grew up most of his life on the Yakama Reservation with a few years on the Nez Perce Reservation. A successful entrepreneur, former division 1 athlete, husband of 24 years and counting, father of 6 and a weekend “anything outside” warrior!

Traveling throughout Indian Country, OJ saw that the need was real, not only in his own family, but also from Reservation to Reservation showing almost exactly the same challenges despite different geographic locations. With over 21 years of experience owning a successful chain of health clubs along with setting up 1000’s of facilities with exercise equipment, OJ felt with his expertise and experience it was time to give back and launched NativeFitness.org.




At Native Fitness we make it a priority to lead with the idea, how can we help, in mind. It’s not about money or profit margins but rather making a difference and setting up facilities & programs for success. We have donated hours upon hours over the years to truly understand the challenges of the landscape we find ourselves in. This has led us to discover solutions we can provide at Native Fitness that will make a difference for our people.